Brush Up Your Poker Lingo and Earn Respect from the Community

if you play poker not only play like a pro but behave like a pro too and until and unless you are familiar with the poker lingo used by the global poker playing community you cannot earn respect from others and will always be considered as an amateur and a greenhorn. Though poker is a game of intelligence and strategy making but the effect you have on your fellow players is quite important too and until and unless you have a good command over your language as well as your game there is very little chance that you will be respected by your fellows at the table.

Learning the poker lingo is a very important part of learning to play poker and if you are a new entry to the world of poker and gambling then you must make yourself acquainted with it. If you are not familiar with the terms that are generally used by the poker playing community your opponents can readily recognize you as a green horn and take advantage of your lack of experience on the game table. On the other hand with your knowledge of the terms and their usage may earn you respect from at least a few players and this mind game is a real important part of poker that you are trying to master.

Some common terms

If you are really serious about your poker you are required to have a good command over your poker lingo as much as your game. Your language at the table is always going to is going to establish you as an experienced player who knows his business and this can really put you on your way to become a successful poker player.

Whenever you are playing poker play and talk like a pro. Many of the terms in poker lingo are associated with different stages of the game and you are required to identify them with precision. Learn what does a flop or a bluff mean to a diehard poker layer and also use them as and when required to earn some extra respect from your opponents. A flop is actually the first stage of the game when the first three hands are on the table. The term ‘flop’ in poker lingo may be used in a number of different connotations and until and unless you are familiar with its different usages the term can be quite confusing and misleading at times.

Card combinations

Another important part of poker lingo is the different terms that are used to indicate different types of card combinations. To an experienced poker player a combination of two aces is ‘Pocket Rockets’ and ‘Cowboys’ will always refer to a combination of two kings. There is a poker-slang for almost every possible combination of cards and calling those cards by those slangs has always been the custom of the game. Most of the time the valued cards are found to have names that are wacky while baby cards have names indicating the same.