Draw poker

Any gambling game has its variations, even the game of online roulette has two - European and American play roulette. When it comes to poker, this game has at least 10 most spread games and at least 30 variations. Draw poker games are now featured almost in all online casinos, though may be they are not so popular as Texas Holdem, Omaha or Stud poker. Nonetheless, Draw poker is considered to be the initial form of poker which is in fact an ancestor of all poker variations we have these days.  The objective of draw poker player is to make up the best five card poker hand but the main difference of this game is that the players get all five cards (complete hand) in the first betting round but not through the series of deals.

Five Card Draw Poker

The game is played with the dealer whose position is determined by the special button.  Usually the draw games are played with blinds that are posted before the cards dealing. When the bets are posted into the pot the players are dealt five hidden cards each and the betting round follows. After betting there is a draw during which the players can discard any number of cards in their hands (if needed) and replace them with other cards. The second betting round occurs. Remember, that as in community card games the betting round is complete as soon as all the players have contributed equal into the pot.  
During the play the players do not reveal their cards until the showdown when the winner is determined. The pot is awarded to the poker player with the strongest hand, in case of the tie the pot is traditionally split.
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2-7 Single Draw

This poker variation is also known as Deuce to Seven Lowball or Kansas City Lowball. The peculiarity of lowball poker games is that the winner is determined by the lowest hand (but not highest as in Texas Holdem). The lowball poker game is played with blinds, sometimes the antes are applied.  As in Five Card Draw poker the players are dealt five face down cards at once (followed by the round of betting) and there is one draw. After the players replaced bad cards (or choose to stand) the second betting round occurs. In the showdown the player with the lowest five card hand is announced as the winner.

2-7 Triple Draw

2-7 (or Deuce to Seven) Triple Draw is the form of draw poker with such difference: in this game the player with the low five card hand gets the pot (lowball poker). According to the basic draw poker rules the players are dealt complete hand and can draw (replace the cards) during the rounds. As the name of the game says the players are allowed to draw three times (or stand). Each draw is followed by betting. In the showdown the winner with the lowest hand is awarded the pot, in case of tie the pot is split. Note, that unlike other low poker games in 2-7 Triple Draw Aces are always highest cards.

Interesting fact from the OnlineCasinosDoc's pokies advisor: the very first slot machines were based on the game of draw poker where the cards were used instead of symbols on the reels. Then the game evolved into the entirely different game with spinning reels and other symbols, still the draw poker was played like a separate game. The mix of draw poker and slot machine is known today as video poker, discover more here , which is also available at online casinos.