Drilling is known to be one of the physical winning tools used by the most extraordinary slots gamers. In fact, it is the winning slots method that is legendary and was mentioned in the range of the Hollywood movies about casino cheaters. Drilling is the way of getting money from the slots, avoiding all rules and bans. And it may be used if you are looking for no deposit bingo as well.

The way it works

Though, there are claims that the method is rather one of the slots myths than the fact, still there are the ultimately desperate slots gamers that are more likely to implement it.

The idea of the drilling is as follows: the gamer must drill the hole in the one of the slot machine sides in order to put there the particular slots cheating device that can alter the mechanism of the payout either electronically or with the help of physical methods.


Thus, it is quite obvious that rarely some of the gamblers can resort to using this device as far as it is too very much uncomfortable to implement without being spotted. Besides, the drilling of the slot machine frame is considered to be almost impossible without special gear. In addition, it may produce some noise that can be easily heard.

Moreover, the holes in the frame of the slot machine will not particularly help the gamers to insert any kind of tools inside that somehow may affect the slots outcome.


Some people say, however that the following slots trick was used more for attraction of the attention from the part of the casinos, rather for stealing money, indeed. A lot of slots gambling masters greatly doubt that the drilling may be used in practice for something more than simply an attack on the gambling establishments. However, among such tools as cashbox theft, money cheats, light wand, monkey paw, etc. it occupies the solid position. Besides, in the history of slot machines there are some mentions about the making holes in the slot machine in order to interfere with its usual payout processing.

Indeed, it is possible to say that the following winning method was invented simply to intensify the romanticism of the cheating, especially in such a game as slots. However, any gamer can try fortune in such away, why not!