Basic Limit Poker Rules

Betting structures in online casinos are special strategies that explain how to win at blackjack casino and how to increase your winning chances at any online casino slots.

Betting Structure in poker is determined by the set of rules that control the betting limit in the poker game. Betting Limit is the amount the player is allowed to wager or bet. There exist four betting structures for all poker game variations: no limit, pot limit, fixed limit and spread limit.

There is no steady rule how the betting structure is set up in each poker game. Limit poker rules depend on the casino you gamble (more about casinos at UK Gambling Guide) at and in case you play poker at home you can decide on the particular betting structure on your own.

No Limit

In the game with no limit betting structure the player is allowed to wager or raise the bet by any amount up to the whole amount of chips the he or she has. Usually, Texas Holdem Poker is played with this type of betting structure.

Pot Limit

In the poker games with the pot limit structure the player can bet or raise the bet by the amount in the pot at the particular moment before the raise. This structure always confuses the players and the games played according to pot limit poker rules are considered to be quite “expensive” in case the players tend to double the pot.

Spread Limit

The fixed limit betting structure is commonly used in home poker games. It allows the players to bet any amount limited to some range. For example, in case of $1-$5 betting limit the player can bet minimum $1or bet and raise maximum up to $5. But note, that in case someone raises the next player can raise only by the same amount of higher.

Fixed Limit

The poker games with the fixed limit structure are mostly played in casinos. In this case the amount of the bet and raise is fixed in every betting round. For instance, in the $2-$4 fixed limit game the player is allowed to bet or raise $2 in the first betting rounds (as s rule in two rounds) and in the last rounds the betting limit is increased to $4.