Texas Holdem Poker Rule Basics

Texas Hold’em poker is the most popular poker game featured almost in all land and online casino rooms of the USA and Europe and of course it is the number one poker variation in all the poker rooms. The popularity of the game, which is bigger than popularity of is most of online blackjack all due to the fact that it is a type of community card games the invention of which added to the players’ interest to the poker games. In Texas Hold’em each player must make a poker hand of two hole cards and five community cards, beat the other players’ hands.and thus beat the casino The game may have different betting structure, but commonly it is played in no limit form.

Betting rounds

The game has several sets of deals in the end of which only one (or more than one player in case of tie) player gets the pot contributed by all the players during the poker action in the betting rounds. The game usually starts with the betting. Before the cards are dealt the dealer is determined by the special dealer button and two players make the forced bets called blinds. The player the next seat to the left after dealer makes the small blind and the next player (two seats after dealer) make big blind which is twice bigger than the small blind. Then every player at the table is dealt two face down cards also known as hole or pocket cards. This stage of the game is known as preflop. The very first betting round is considered to be completed as soon as all the players contribute the equal amount to the pot. The set of betting is followed by the flop when three community cards are placed on the table and every player can use them to form the hand of five cards in the combination with their two hole cards. After the gamblers have evaluated their hands the second betting round occurs followed by the turn. One more community face up card appears on the table and the players place bets again. The last fifth community, also known as the river, is dealt the final betting round occurs. If there are more than one player in the hand there is a showdown. All the players reveal their cards clockwise and the winner is awarded the pot. The player can use only all five community cards to make a hand, it is usually called as "play the board" option. In case two or even more players have the same hands the pot is divided between them. If only one player stays in the hand the pot is awarded to him and he or she can chooses whether to reveal the cards of leave them unseen.
The objective of the poker players in Texas Hold’em is to make correct betting decisions (when and how much they should call, bet, raise or fold) and guarantee in such a way the long-term winnings.


Texas Holdem poker is viewed as the best poker game for strategic analysis that is why there is a great number of books and articles with the tips and recommendations for smart playing. The most widespread poker strategy is called tight-aggressive approach which states that the player should play few hands but bet and raise with every hand. Though this strategy is quite popular, still a bigger part of the players use other strategies successfully. No matter what poker betting method you have chosen, it is believed that one of the key elements is the order of play or player’s position. Really, the players who act later possess more information and they play more hands than the players at the early positions.