Basic Caribbean Poker Rules

Each game has at least two variations like the roulette wheel, you can read more about this with roulette articles at least 20 like play blackjack game, and at least 20 like play blackjack game, and all the blackjack strategies and Roulette Tips are created to suit each version. Caribbean Stud Poker is very easy and quite common poker variation which is played against the house. Caribbean poker rules are very simple to study and follow. Before the cards deal the players make the compulsory Ante bet and have the choice to make $1 progressive side bet.

The players then are dealt five cards face down and the dealer takes five cards as well, but four cards face down and one face up. The players check their cards and decide whether to raise the Ante and continue to play or fold. Pay attention, these are only two decisions (play or fold) in the game of Caribbean Stud unlike other poker variations.  In case the player folds he or she loses the initial Ante bet as well as any side bet. If the player chooses to stay in the hand he or she must double the Ante bet and finally the cards are revealed. In order the dealer’s hand qualify he must have at least an Ace and King, so 2, 3, 4, Ace, King is the lowest qualifying dealer’s hand.

In case the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify the players get the payouts on their bets and their raises are “pushed”, it means that they are returned to the players. But in case the dealer’s hand qualifies and beats the player’s one the player loses both the bet and raise. Otherwise, if the dealer’s hand qualifies but doesn’t beat the player’s one the dealer is to pay the even money on players’ Ante bets. The players get the payouts on the raises and progressive side bets according to the specific payout tables (check up Caribbean Poker rules at the casino you gamble at). Try this game because the poker game that really rapidly grows in popularity is Caribbean Stud.