Certification Bodies – All for the Sake of the Best Quality

It goes without any doubt that the contemporary online playing industry is much more developed nowadays, than it used to be even a couple of years ago. In this respect, this doesn’t only concern the huge diversity of gambling sites, which tend to offer all conceivable gaming options and bonuses to their clients, but the quality of services, provided by these betting establishments, which has already reached the highest levels. It is essential if you need the best Latest Poker Bonuses information.

Nevertheless, both the mere beginners and the professional gamblers, who have received enough playing practice, need to assure themselves that a certain online casino, no matter how famous it is, can guarantee complete money safety for its clients and is ready to provide them with first-class gaming platforms, which would be, moreover, likewise convenient as they are expected to be.

Realizing the necessity to prove their spotless reputation to their permanent visitors and the newest admirers as well, reputable internet casino operators, having already got a proper gaming license, frequently apply for the audit from the side of independent certification bodies, whose responsibility is to check all site’s interface features and the gaming services, available for players.

Generally speaking, the most reliable world’s certification bodies, whose activities are aimed at revealing whether a particular betting site is a safe online casino, or not, are recognized to comprise the following:


Having been founded in 2003, eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (or shortly eCOGRA) is an organization, whose activities are concentrated on matters, regarding internet gambling legality in general, and the audits of separate online playing sites, in particular.

If one notices a sign on the interface of a certain internet casino that it has been already certified by eCOGRA, he/she might be absolutely sure, that the selected web-page is completely secure and will offer the excellent-quality services to its clients.

• PwC

Although Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) used to be initially engaged in mainly financial auditing of international corporations, it has soon started to cooperate with internet casino operators as well, though it still majorly deals with the matters of their clients’ money safety.


Among other respectable certification bodies, it’s Technical System Testing (TST), which is rather concentrated on auditing online casino software, than some financial aspects. The organization’s activities are also aimed at checking, if the certain gaming site matches international standards of legality and services’ quality.

All things considered, the third-party certification bodies, obviously, contribute much into the gamblers’ receipt of incredible experience within the safest online casinos.