Chicken Strategy

Chicken strategy is another widely used method to increase the winning odds at slot machine gambling. Alongside up the steps slots strategy, it can be applied to the 3 coin slot machines.

It is interesting to know that the strategy was called so due to the fact that it is based on the well-known chicken behavior and, thus, demands the following actions from the gamers –win and run!

How chicken strategy works

The idea of the strategy is acting like the chicken; indeed, the gamer wins money in the particular slots round, and after that the gamer simply escapes away with it.

To start with, for instance, the gamer’s bankroll is about twenty dollars per each slots game. After the bet is placed, it may be conducted according to the following pattern:

1-1-2-2-3-3-2-2-1-1 or any other.

In such a way, if the bet is already repaid – it is recommended simply take the cash, quit the slot machine game, and run away from it the way the chicken would probably do. The same must be done in the case of money losses.

Nevertheless, it is essential for the gamer in the case if the last play from was winning the whole gambling session to keep on gambling until the losing bet comes.

The major idea of the strategy

The major idea of the chicken strategy remains as follows: the gamers should always remember that it is advisable to often change the slot machines and slots games. It is considered to be better to gamble at different slot machines per day. There is an interesting fact, indeed. Some of the players are even making notes in order not to seat at one and the same slot machine on the same gambling day.

In addition, it is crucial to remember that chicken strategy must be implemented regardless of whether the outcome of the gaming is winning or losing. Still the gamer must leave the slots and go home with money or without them!

It is also advisable to divide the whole budget into two parts one of which should be put aside for the rainy day. Another part must be the money limit. Thus, for example, if the limit is 20 dollars, after the limit is exceeded, it is demanded to stop gambling.

There is also such a variant of slot machine strategy implication, when the gamer divides the sum into two parts and starts gambling, but in quite different no deposit casino corners at completely different slots never been played before on particular day.